Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spooner to the Bruins at 45

The B's continued their tour of the Ontario Hockey League when they selected Peterborough Petes star Ryan Spooner.
I've heard a lot of real good things about this kid from my OHL sources. Personally, I would have flip-flopped the picks of Knight and Spooner, but these are two highly skilled scoring forwards. They don't have a lot of size, but they can really get it done in the offensive end.
Here's what I wrote about Spooner on the Bruins 2010 Draft Watch blog in a post called "Here Come the Little Guys" back in February.
Ryan Spooner, C Peterborough Petes (OHL) 5-10, 177
Another super-fast, game-breaking scorer from the Ontario League, Spooner showed what he is capable of in the CHL Top Prospects Game, when he finished off a 2-on-1 break with Taylor Hall. Spooner has excellent speed and always keeps his feet moving, which is sure to earn him high marks from scouts. He may not quite have Skinner's natural touch around the net, but he's got the wheels and intensity to make NHL teams forget about his small, light frame. He hasn't had a lot of help in Peterborough this year scoring-wise, but he's shown to have the kind of character and ability to come through despite increased checking pressure that makes him a player to watch, especially if he slips out of Round One. Author's Note- A broken collarbone suffered by Spooner in January will probably impact his draft status negatively. With him out for the most crucial period of time for a team trying to make the OHL playoffs means that Spooner will likely end up becoming a nice value pick for a good team that otherwise would not have had a shot at him were he playing and contributing to the Petes' playoff run. Bad break for Spooner and Peterborough, because the kid has the goods. 2/19/10
And, although I didn't have much on Jared Knight, I did see Spooner as a viable option for the Bruins back in April.

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  1. Absolutely another fantastic pick. No way did i think he would be there at 45. He, along with Knight are two picks i am ecstatic with. I'm more than happy with the haul the Bruins recieved in Seguin, Knight and Spooner.

    Kudos to Mike Chiarelli. Great job scouting the OHL!!